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    Engine and transmission gear box are the main parts of powertrain and also the most complex parts of auto ,they just like the heart of the human body.So Planning powertrain measurement solutions to assure the quality and performance of powertrain and vehicle is essential;
1.Construction of auto power train:


1.1 Key points of Cylinder body inspection£º

Diameter, cylindricity, position, and perpendicularity of the cylinder
Front surface dimension and inclined hole inspection
Back surface dimension and inclined hole inspection.
Three times fixing can finish all the dimension inspections of the cylinder body.

1.2 Key points of cylinder cover inspection£º

Diameter, position and perpendicularity of the air inlet hole
Diameter and position of the outlet hole
Spark plug hole diameter and position
Other dimension inspection


1.3 Key points of Camshaft inspection£º
Cam Phase position inspection
Cam Contour inspection
Cam Position inspection
Other dimension inspection

1.4 Key points of crankshaft inspection£º

Main axle journal inspection (Diameter, cylindricity, run-out, Ra etc.)
Axle journal of connecting rod inspection (basic dimension, cylindricity, phase position angle, depth of parallelism with main axle journal, Ra etc)
Blocking journal inspection (run-out, verticality, Ra)
Balance block


1.5 Key points of connecting rod inspection£º

Hole diameter inspection
Depth of parallelism inspection of two holes
Other dimension inspection

2¡¢Our measuring solutions£º
AEH professional measuring team will make perfect measuring solutions for customers according to customers’ requests and the workpieces features.
2.1Probe head system configuration

 2.2Program planning and accompany manufacturing service

2.3Professional clamp design

2.4 EMRP platform

2.4¡¢Plant planning

2.5¡¢vibration isolation solution


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