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Product introduction
Legend is a new bridge CMM which is introduced from Germany MORA technology by AEH group.  Legend can meet customers needs in measuring precision and efficiency with innovative mechanical design, powerful software functions, abundant models and configuration. This is especially for the users who will do the complex space geometric measurement in aviation, aerospace, weapons, automobile and other industries.
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Product Features:
Precision measurement from Germany technology,which can easily cope with the harsh measurement demanding.
1、Introduced technology from MORA:
Legend series CMM comprehensively introduced MORA technology in mechanical structure, motion control, measuring software and application , which makes CMM in the guarantee of the "German quality", meanwhile, it is more suitable for users to measuring .
2、Higher quality
Legend series CMM adopted various patents on the mechanical structure. The product quality has made full validation in European market. The Core parts are selected from international first-class brand in accordance with the requirements of the European standard .And the key-module are supplied by MORA, which ensure the quality of the machine.
3、High precision, High stability, Efficient measurement
Legend series CMM is based on "precision and stability" as the core, and it emphasizes the operating speed .Therefore, the structure design and material selection are all of purpose. At the same time, it can also support all kinds of trigger system, scanning and non- contact detection system so that Legend can be applied in different fields and different stages.
Technical features
1、The three axes adopt granite materials which are not sensitive to temperature .With the same temperature effect, it can reduce the influence of temperature on the accuracy utmost.
2、X guide rail adopts precision "L" - type beam, which owned patented technology with light weight, low center of gravity, strong rigidity, small dynamic error and more stable accuracy .
3、The key components are composed of die-casting aviation aluminum alloy. Through the special craft processing, it can ensure the long-term stability of the components.
4、The high quality of the aluminum alloy frame can ensure the rigidity on the premise, then it can reduce the center of gravity in maximum degree, which can guarantee the machine works in high-speed and operate smoothly.
5、The core components are selected from the famous brand, which provides guarantee for accuracy, stability and efficiency of the machine.
6、It can support triggering, scanning and non-contact detection system, and also add some other options, such as automatic changer rack, external optical CCD and rotary table.

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