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ML series bridge type CMM

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ML series products are bridge type CMM for large work pieces, fixed wok table with large loading capacity, no need to do special ground base preparation. The work piece weight will not have influence to machine dynamic properties during measuring that guarantees the machine stability, and it is wildly used in industrials like aerospace, automobile, electronics and molding, etc.
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1) Good rigidity and light unilateral elevated moving bridge structure ensure the structural stability.
2) Three axes adopt precision granite and no friction load air bearing that ensures the moving stability and measuring accuracy.
3) Y axis main column moving up that deduce the moving work piece weight and inertia, upgrade the machine dynamic property.
4) Z axis adopts low friction cylinder gravity technology can adjust the gravity balance, and improve the Z axis moving stability and machine measuring accuracy.
5) F.E.M (Finite element method) optimizes the machine structure.
6) Software limit switch, electric limit switch and hardware limit switch are installed , and some protection functions are set up such as air bearing protection, cylinder pressure protection, and power off protection if long time no body operate the machine, which greatly improve the operation safety.
7) Configure the precision air filter, the filter precision to oil and water can be 0.1um that guarantees the safety moving of air bearings.
8) The precision grating system offer accurate and reliable length measurement basis to ensure the measuring repeatability.
9) Configure different probe head system to satisfy various measuring requests.
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