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Atlas series gantry CMM

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Atlas series products are gantry structure CMM for large and extra-large work pieces, Y axis adopts granite air bearing docking technology that make the effective measuring range of Y axis can be 30 meters. This series product has high efficiency, high accuracy and reliability that offers high cost performance measuring solutions to the customers. The products are mainly used in industries like automobile, aerospace, heavy machinery and transportation, and molding, etc.
Atlas series gantry CMM
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(1) Y axis rigidity connecting and adjusting technology guarantees Y axis and columns joint rigidity, and also guarantees one end of Y axis free expansion that solve the rail bending caused by temperature gradient, which improve the measuring accuracy.  
(2) Adopt patented air bearing, improve the air bearing rigidity and stability and ensure the machine long-term stability.
(3) Balance cylinder, movable and static pulley combination solve the Z axis gravity balance perfectly.
(4) Special wire rope breaking protection technology effectively ensures Z axis and probe head security.
(5) Grinding grade pinion and rack transmission system guarantees the machine moving in high-speed smoothly.
(6) The high-quality double scale and double driving system reduce the bridge deflection.
(7) The precision scale system offers accurate and reliable length measurement basis to ensure the measuring repeatability.
(8) Configure different probe head system to satisfy various measuring requests.
(9) Multi-channel and high precision temperature compensation system is optional to improve the machine accuracy.
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