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Gear center measuring machine is the high-quality gear measuring instrument that developed by AE.The machine applies to measure the involute cylinder gear and gear cutter tools fast and accurately. The machine can measure the involute deviation, helix deviation, pitch deviation, gear radial runout parameters automatically after the workpiece clamping , and also it can measure work pieces like gear slotting cutter, gear shaving cutter and gear hob, maximally satisfy the gear inspection requests that suggested by the gear manufacturing industrial.
Gear center measuring machine
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1) The frame machine adopts closed-loop CNC servo measuring system, four axes linkage.
2) The rotary worktable adopts driving technology to guarantee the measuring and two-way repeat positioning accuracy.
3)  Fast motion response and good dynamic performance.
3) The powerful control system can accurately control the CMM.
4) The up centre is dragged by the motor work with high precision rotary table can quickly locate the work piece.
5) The inductive probe system provides high-performance detection, digitization and profile scanning.
6) Measure straight toothed spur gear, helical cylindrical gear tooth profile deviation, helix deviation, gear error and gear radial runout.
7) Measure the related parameters of gear shaving cutter ( ordinary gear shaving cutter, radial gear shaving cutter), gear slotting cutter ( straight tooth gear slotting cutter, helical gear shaper cutter, gear hob, worm hob, worm, worm gear, spur bevel gear, helical bevel gear, internal gear that the addendum circle bigger than 30mm, arch tooth cone gear, etc.
Product classification:
1) G series:
G series gear center is specially developed for professional gear measuring requirement, with top configuration and the structure is stable and easy to do maintenance, it is used in professional gear measuring center and scientific research department.
2) GP series:
GP series gear center is simplified on G series, work stable and high price ratio; it is suitable for the production site environment.
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